Conservative dentistry

This department is a kind of foundation for dentistry. It deals with the prevention of tooth decay and treatment of its consequences in order to maintain the longevity of teeth and their aesthetic appearance as long as possible.


We start our activities before the defect appears through dietary advice, hygiene instructions, fluoridation and tooth sealing. The first visit is preceded by taking a pantomographic photo in our office, which helps us to scrupulously search for existing carious defects and assess structures invisible to the "naked eye", such as the condition of the bone surrounding the teeth.


The next step is the treatment of hard tooth tissue defects, the causes of which are many, among others caries, trauma, overload or wear. In our office, we use the latest technologies and materials available on the market. The use of a microscope in treatment ensures incredible precision of work, i.e. accurate removal of caries, excellent aesthetic effect of fillings, correction of even the smallest overhangs or bumps that can lead to inflammation of the gums.


If the carious defect is very deep, pulpitis (the so-called "nerve") may occur. Root canal treatment is then necessary, i.e. removing the inflamed pulp and replacing it with special material. The tooth is weakened after such treatment, which is why we often recommend reconstruction using a fiberglass insert, strengthening the root and crown of the tooth, ensuring its longest possible survival in the mouth.

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