Gingival bleeding, often ignored, can be a sign of gingivitis or
a harbinger of a more serious problem - parodontosis, i.e. inflammation not only of the gums,
but also the bone and tissues that hold the tooth in the alveolus.


Untreated parodontosis can lead to loosening and subsequent tooth loss. Periodontology deals with combating the causes of these processes - including professional removal of tartar deposits, i.e. scaling, as well
carrying out therapeutic procedures, such as curettage, consisting in cleaning periodontal pockets.


In our office we use advanced technologies - the VECTOR piezoelectric device, used for the prevention and non-surgical treatment of parodontosis. The use of dental loupes for most procedures increases their accuracy, and thus their effectiveness.

The tasks of periodontology also include the diagnosis of oral mucosa lesions and their treatment, or referral to consultations with appropriate specialists if the lesion is a manifestation of a systemic disease.

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