Miscroscope treatment

Treatment under a microscope is becoming more and more common in dentistry, and in the case of endodontic treatment, it is actually an indispensable element. The microscope enables up to 40x magnification of the operating field, ensuring unparalleled accuracy of work. Thanks to this, we can achieve the highest quality and aesthetics of works, and thus - the best treatment results.

The microscope is used in conservative dentistry, ensuring thorough cleaning of the cavity from decay and tight, homogeneous tooth reconstruction. In the case of endodontic treatment, it allows, for example, to find additional tooth canals, which would not be possible when working without enlargement, although it is a condition of successful treatment.

The microscope is also used when checking the accuracy of prosthetic works performed by a technician, diagnosing vertical crown-root fractures, or in the case of some microsurgical procedures. Thus, it is in many cases an essential diagnostic tool and its help in treatment is unmatched.

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