X-ray diagnostics

In our office we have a camera for taking pantomographic photos, i.e. x-rays covering all teeth and bone in their surroundings. This is an important element of diagnostics, allowing us to assess what is invisible to the naked eye, including inflammation including bone, cavities on contact surfaces of teeth, approximate depth of caries, presence of retained teeth.


Many patients are worried about the effects of radiation exposure when taking such a picture. The fact is that the dose received during the pantomogram is equivalent to three days of exposure to background radiation, i.e. radiation from natural sources, e.g. radioactive elements present in soil, air, house walls, or even food. In other words, making one pantomogram provides as much radiation as every three days of life on our planet. Nevertheless, we use a special apron containing lead (from where its heavy weight), additionally protecting the patient's belly and thyroid.


We also have the option of taking small pictures, or tooth pictures, showing only one or several teeth. They are invaluable even during root canal treatment, because they allow you to assess the number of canals in the tooth or the accuracy of their filling. Such pictures provide an even lower dose of radiation, because they are only equivalent to 6-8 hours of background radiation.

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